KVS maintains a competitive edge in the area of speed and quality. We pride ourselves on being the most responsive to the customers needs from a time and quality aspect. We believe in responding to our clients in a timely and appropriate manner and in the appropriate way for their unique situation. Our unique QA system allows our potential clients to get a free demo site within 48 hours of participating in a 10 minute QA session over the phone or via the Web Form. There are no strings attached.

We guarantee we will not always have the lowest price, but we also believe our clients will never get the lowest quality service. We treat others as we would rather be treated, therefore we don’t sell any service for any price that we wouldn’t feel comfortable paying for ourselves.

We recognize that our partners, vendors, and clients have families to maintain and we try to conduct our business in a manner that is appropriate to providing them the highest level of service at a reasonable price with the minimum time and effort commitment from those we serve. We believe the KVS experience is second to none because of our sound approach to business where we put the concerns of our customers before our own.

Every web package includes custom graphics, video, and modules chosen by the customer or by their designated vision professional. Full email and content support is available with every package as well as access to our regular training sessions. We provide a service that is second to none and work hard to keep additional features affordable.

Let Us Build Your Demo Site Today.